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While Bodywork with Aera would love to accommodate as many people as possible, there are considerations you should make before booking an appointment. We've written down the accessibility points here and hope it is informative. 

If you need referrals to individuals who can accommodate your needs, please reach out, and we will do everything possible to find you the best match! 

1. Aera does not know ASL (American Sign Language) but can accommodate Deaf/Hard of hearing folx with written communication and clear body language. Aera will not be able to remove their mask for lip reading. We are working on finding protective N95 masks with a clear window to make communication easier for lip readers. 

2. There are braille signs by the office doors (left-hand side) in the building that the clinic is in. You can request to be escorted into the clinic, and/or downstairs for any reason.

3. The massage table is an ADA compliant hydraulic table. The table's weight limit as advised by the manufacturer is 600lbs. It goes as low as 18". 

5. For folx with sensory sensitivities you will be pleased to know we are a Scent-Free clinic (exception for at-request use of Biofreeze with has menthol) with dimmable colored lighting options as an alternative to yellow/white light. 

6. We have a table warmer, and the ambient temperature is controlled in the room, not by the building (heat available and AC). 

7. We have a large comfortable chair to accommodate most body sizes.

General Accessibility Points:

1. The building has an elevator for access. We are on the 4th floor. There are no stairs required to enter the clinic. 

2. The clinic is across from 2 single occupancy bathrooms, the stairwell and the elevator. There is an access code for the bathroom. All that info is sent out before your first appointment.

3. Toilet seat covers are provided in the bathrooms. Hand sanitizer is located next to the elevator on the ground floor, and in the clinic. 

4. Bodywork with Aera is a scent-free medical practice. Aera doesn't wear perfume or fragrances. We do not use essential oils or spray scents in the space. The exception to this is the use of Biofreeze which has menthol, on request for aches & pains. 

You can read more about our Sanitation and Ventilation here on our Policies page. 

Parking & Transportation 

Free 2-hour parking is available on Queen Anne Ave N in front of the building and nearby.

Buses #2, #13, and #29 stop within walking distance.

Food & Shopping
We are located very close to several locations for food, coffee, and shopping! All within a short walking distance. 

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