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Experienced Bodywork, Wellness Coaching, and Partner-Assisted Massage.
Located in the beautiful Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle!


Managing your Chronic Pain is like taking care of a garden. 
If You Know, You Know

Testimonials Speak for Themselves

I am so grateful to have earned this high praise and I look forward to working with you! - Aera Barnette, LMT

Hi y’all, autistic person here with cPTSD and *major* sensory sensitivities. I’ve been a client of Aera’s several times and they were absolutely AMAZING.

Neurotypicals NEVER notice all the little things that often deeply upset or unsettle me, even after I point them out over and over, but Aera thought of most of them BEFORE I DID (it was incredible) and mitigated them on their own, with only brief check ins as needed to determine which sensory things would feel good/bad for me.

They are also excellent with consent and were easily able to tell me what they were going to do before they did it, something which I always ask for but NT doctors, body workers, etc simply do not do with any sort of consistency.


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