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What I offer


When you fill out the request form I will be able to answer any of your questions, and to see if working with me is a good fit for you. Your wellness is my top priority!

Chronic pain requires deep listening and a client-centered approach. We are trauma-informed and evidence-based here. Our approach to massage, bodywork, and coaching is deeply rooted in anti-ableism and disability justice.


Our Policies are in place to protect the most vulnerable us and to keep illness out of the treatment room.


Thank you for your commitment to: 

  • Maintaining a Scent-Free space

  • Wearing a KN95 or better inside the clinic

  • Shower if able to before your appointment

  • Rescheduling 48 hours or more if feeling unwell or have any symptoms 

More details

Dedication to Scent-Free Space

Bodywork with Aera is a scent-free medical practice. Consider showering if able before your appointment, or changing your clothes if you work in a scented home or facility.

Please do not wear perfume or essential oils. None of the products used will have added fragrances, and will be hypoallergenic and labeled unscented as often as possible. The exception to this is the use of Biofreeze which has menthol, on request for aches & pains.  

Arrival Time & Patient Privacy

 We ask that you do not come early to your appointment as to allow enough time for the space to be properly cleaned and to respect patient privacy. 

Please wait outside the door, it will be opened to let you in at your scheduled time. A building access email will be sent to you after your first booking with all of the information you need.

Deposit/Cancellation Policy
To Cancel or Reschedule, it is ideal to do so at least 48 hours ahead of your appointment time. This gives your therapist time to reach out to people on the waitlist and offer them the now open spot in time. Every appointment requires a $100 deposit to hold the appointment, and to allow for rescheduling. The deposit can be paid via Venmo (preferred), or card on file. The deposit must be paid within 24 hours of booking You can do this at the end of your previous appointment to make it easier. 

A cancellation after the 24 hour mark, or a no show will result in the deposit being forfeit, and you will need to pay another one in order to reschedule. 

More than one
late cancel or no show will result in re-evaluation of the treatment plan. We want you to get the results you desire from your treatment!

Your initial visit paperwork will ask for a card on file, a card on file is required to book. You can request to use other payment options like Venmo or Cash even if a card is on file. We also accept your Health Savings Account (HSA) card. We do not accept checks or money orders. 

Clinic Sanitation

 This practice focuses on Universal Precautions and Best Practices.

Our approach to mitigate the risk of COVID & other Emerging Pathogens such as MPox Virus include use of 2 HEPA air filtration devices, a fan, the use of fresh air through our windows, and the use of disinfectants between sessions. 

Sessions are spaced out 30-45 minutes to ensure proper ventilation and cleaning/disinfecting. 


Linens are washed with a safe and effective disinfectant & stain remover, along with unscented detergent. Linens are of course changed between every person, this includes blankets.

Infectious Disease Risk Management / Safety Protocol
My Personal Measures 

1. I will cancel my appointments & reschedule them if I am exposed to COVID-19 or have any symptoms of other illness. 

2. I wear the highest grade masks available to me, this includes NIOSH Certified N95s and P100 Elastomer Respirators. 

3. I am committed to providing Quality Service for those with disabilities and who may be immunocompromised. I will always answer my safety practices when asked truthfully and without hesitation.  

Expectations of Clients/Patients

It is your responsibility to call to cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms 48 hours or more before the appointment. Emergencies will be taken into account when considering to waive the late cancel fee. 

Before Arrival: 
You are asked to shower and change clothes if able to. Please check your skin for any new lesions, bumps, sores, rash, or itchy spots.


On Arrival: You are asked to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before treatment begins and you will be provided an N95 if your mask is loose-fitting, or less than the quality of a KN95/KF94. Additional N95s can be purchased from me for $5 that you can use for future sessions. Please plan accordingly. 

If you are receiving Intra-Oral, or if required regardless, a COVID-19 test will be given before the appointment begins. You may take a test yourself the night before, or the day of. You may be asked to test again if the test you use is known to be inaccurate. If you use one of my tests, it costs an additional $5.

If you do not wish to use the provided mask, or test when required, your session will end and be considered a No-Show and you will forfeit your deposit. 

We ask that shoes are removed before entering into the space fully. There will be a shoe and clothing rack for you.  

During Session:  Please keep y our mask on and over your nose at all times. There are other ways we can approach the session if laying face down with a mask on is uncomfortable to you.

Immune Response Surveys & Illness
We do not want you in the space if you could potentially be ill in order to protect your therapist and other patients. There is an Immune Response Survey that goes out 3 days before your appointment time that must be filled out before arrival, preferably before 48 hours. This ensures we have enough time to reschedule you and reach out to the waitlist. 


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