We offer a comprehensive approach to chronic upper body pain for highly sensitive people. Our approach offers gentle and non-invasive techniques while honoring YOUR needs.

Located in the Queen Anne Space Building at 1817 Queen Anne Ave N. #407, Seattle WA
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I was amazed how quickly Aera worked to relieve the pain in my neck and shoulders. They knew exactly what to do. I am very grateful to feel great again.

Aera was absolutely fabulous! They were really good about consent, going at a pace that worked for me, and managing my physical needs and holding space for psych disability issues.

John D.


Hi y’all, autistic person here with cPTSD and *major* sensory sensitivities. I’ve been a client of Aera’s several times and they were absolutely AMAZING.

Neurotypicals NEVER notice all the little things that often deeply upset or unsettle me, even after I point them out over and over, but Aera thought of most of them BEFORE I DID (it was incredible) and mitigated them on their own, with only brief check ins as needed to determine which sensory things would feel good/bad for me.

They are also excellent with consent and were easily able to tell me what they were going to do before they did it, something which I always ask for but NT doctors, body workers, etc simply do not do with any sort of consistency.

Aera has developed their skills as a massage practitioner in a unique fashion. I've been receiving massages since the 1970s and I have had thousands.
Aera is unique in their style and modality that works quite well. When we first started I asked them to just find what needed to be addressed in my body and work on me that way, rather than direct them to certain points.
During the massage they were communicative but not too much, and always very present.
They opened my shoulders from the inside of my armpit. I've never experienced that before, but it worked remarkably well.
If you're looking for a confident, dynamic, and intriguing massage therapist, you could do no better than with Aera! 


Chuck S.